The Music Jam!!!

OK so let me go through this for you, the new music jam is out. I havnt had time to do much because of my holidays, but I have the complete collection of pics.

Lets start peacefully, with the lovely sound of the Orca Straw (Ski Village)

And then to the Main Stage which is, of course, the Dock. PLEASE NOTE: The dock changes everyday. Today the theme was the Orca Straw.

And in the VIP area you can see this, for all you non members with out VIP passes (Can be bought in the Snow forts)

If you are a member you can get VIP passes in the Snow forts here…

In this catalogue…

Time to Rock on with the…

Rockin Pizza Parlor (I like this one)

The Rock Rink… (You should of seen me singing Rock Star there! lol)

And Rock the Iceburg (With PB)

So lets move on… To Texas!!! Heres the Western (But actually eastern on the map) Forest!

Sorry if I have my browser on some of my images!

Lets go down that wooden bridge again and find ourselves in the cove.

Where we find our first free item-the maracas

Talking of free items lets go to the Plaza

And there it is-the new Music Jam t-shirt

And time for the town

Not too exciting, but time for the most exciting place this summer. There is a pin, a new game, it was the centre of attention after the green puffle went missing and has the best party version in town (well thats my opinion!) The Night Club.

See that Sneaky puffle? He is hiding the pin. See Where is the new pin??? for details.

Also the new game is here. I will have more info later. But here it is for you now.

Gaze in astonishment at DJ3K (I think its meant to be DJ freak or something.)

I might have a video of that later but we have to move on now, to the coffee shop.

Oh! Did I forget about the Dance Lounge?

And now moving on to the horribly girly beach.

and the lighthouse which is cool. Viva Club Penguin!

Lets go underground now and visit the mine

and the underground cave.

Now for the dojo.

And finally my own stage in my igloo

So there is all the new stuff for the Music Jam 2008. Hopefully I have covered everything. I might make a video. Thanks for reading.



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