Where is the new pin???


Here is the 150th Newspaper pin! It can be found in the boiler room.


So there it is! i gotta go now.




Well lets start anyway with the latest pin-the record pin. It is extremely tricky to find, but I have the solution.

OK. So it looks like this.

It actually looks quite nice on your player card. I forgot to mention that it was hiding behind the puffle in the Night Club and here it is.

By the way you have to either roll over the puffle with your mouse, and run for it, or go underneath the speaker. 

Thanks for viewing


Sorry folks I was on holiday (Vacation) and I didn’t have computer access so I’m sorry that I havnt updated my last few pins…


Here is the latest pin. It is in the pizza parlour and its the basketball pin. Here are a few pics.


So there it is. ill keep you posted on the next few pins when they com.


 you saying wheres the pin so  I thought lets show em! Its in the forest. Here is a picture of where the pin is and what the pin looks like…

I just put that there for fun… I like fun things lol!

Anyway there is another great cheat I know. Ill tell you l8r.





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